Student Accommodation

Shura Trust considers providing an appropriate environment for Muslim students to improve themselves and practice their religion as an essential duty in itself. For this reason, our student accommodation aims to contribute scholarly believers as tolerant, open minded and well-educated in both science and religion. This model has been established by Shura Trust for international and national university students.

Beside the golden opportunity these places provide for their residents to reshape their lives according to the Islamic manners, the biggest achievement of these common accommodation areas despite of their wide area and usage by a large number of students from all around the world, is the unity among students. Although the students are coming from different backgrounds, countries and cultures the peace and harmony among them which is fruited from the sincerity and unity principles of Islam. Considering this role of building an atmosphere of unity and brotherhood, Shura Trust acts as a building community cohesion and integration centre.

Weekly Reading Circles

Organising weekly reading circles is one of the main activities that Shura Trust aims to maintain due to its collective benefits. These benefits can be summed up in encouraging independent thinking over deep philosophical ideas, collective embracement of spiritual meanings and blessings, and therefore increase a higher spiritual collective personality. Reading circles which are very good opportunities to catch up with friends regularly providing a unique spiritual setting for learning more about our existential role in the world and purpose. All religious related topics are welcome to discuss except politics in the circles.

Currently, along with regular online sessions, Risala an Nur Circles are occurring in many different places in London, Belfast, Ipswich, Bournemouth, Leicester, Durham, Coventry, Oxford and Cambridge. Please contact us for the time and places of the circles.

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Reading Retreats

Reading Programmes are designed for those who study or work hard in daily life and want to have a chance for reading, contemplation and relaxing for a week in a silent camping cottage. These retreats also aim to establish good reading habits, especially for the younger students, and contribute the scholarly endeavours of the wider community. They are arranged for different ages like teenagers, university students, teachers and academicians in tranquillity within rural areas. It includes special subject readings, discussions, circles, debates, sporting activities and sightseeing.

Day Trips

Day trips are a great opportunity of contemplation and self-reflection whereby observing the beauty of Allah (cc)’s creation in the nature. Moreover, they consolidate unity and fellowship among community while they build unforgettable memories in the minds of members.

Shura Trust often organizes day trips to the natural beauties, gardens, and national parks or other branches for community unions.